Dec 11

Flash Raspberry Pi image on a SD Card

Format the SD card (FAT32)
diskutil list
diskutil eraseDisk fat32 RP\ HD /dev/disk3

Flash the OS to the SD Card
diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3
cd Downloads/
sudo dd bs=1m if=kali-1.0.9-rpi.img of=/dev/disk3
note: ctrl-t (to see status durring dd)


Other helpful info

Diskutil commands
diskutil eraseVolume JHFS+ [name] /Volumes/SecondVolume
diskutil reformat /Volumes/SecondVolume
diskutil rename "{current name of volume}" "{new name}"
Format type options
free   — Free space
ms-dos — FAT
fat32  — FAT32
hfsx   — Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive HFS+)
jhfsx  — Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+)
hfs+   — Mac OS Extended
jhfs+  — Mac OS Extended (Journaled HFS+) √

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