Dec 13

Setup Raspberry Pi for remote desktop

Change the IP address to be static through your router

Backup the existing network configuration
sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.backup

Set the new ip address
Edit the interface file
sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces
Find the part the looks like this and replace the ip address with the new, static one
iface eth0 inet static

Restart for changes to take effect
sudo shutdown -r now

Dec 13

Setup Raspberry Pi

Log in
username: root
password: toor

Create accounts
Set password for root

Create new user account
adduser newuser
Give user root access
Edit the sudoers file
vi /etc/sudoers

Update the file for each user (example below)
# User privilege specification
newuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Save the file
Enable Ethernet
service networking start
service Network-manager start
dhclient eth0
ifconfig ( to verify eth0 is working)
Update Linux
sudo apt-get update # Fetches the list of available updates
sudo apt-get upgrade # Strictly upgrades the current packages
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # Installs updates (new ones)

Dec 11

Flash Raspberry Pi image on a SD Card

Format the SD card (FAT32)
diskutil list
diskutil eraseDisk fat32 RP\ HD /dev/disk3

Flash the OS to the SD Card
diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3
cd Downloads/
sudo dd bs=1m if=kali-1.0.9-rpi.img of=/dev/disk3
note: ctrl-t (to see status durring dd)


Other helpful info

Diskutil commands
diskutil eraseVolume JHFS+ [name] /Volumes/SecondVolume
diskutil reformat /Volumes/SecondVolume
diskutil rename "{current name of volume}" "{new name}"
Format type options
free   — Free space
ms-dos — FAT
fat32  — FAT32
hfsx   — Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive HFS+)
jhfsx  — Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+)
hfs+   — Mac OS Extended
jhfs+  — Mac OS Extended (Journaled HFS+) √

Dec 11

OTA update for rooted phone with custom recovery

Needed to update phone with OTA
– Problem is that I have root and the xPosed framework installed.
– I want to back up my phone before I do anything so i have to install a custom recovery
  • download recovery image
  • used flashify to flash recovery
FAIL – boots to fastboot mode, not custom recovery
…but, I am in fastboot mode so why not flash it from here
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
SUCCESS – phone can now boot into recovery
  • power off device
  • press and hold POWER BUTTON + DOWN BUTTON
  • when LG logo appears press and hold POWER BUTTON + DOWN BUTTON
Back to OTA
  • don’t worry about root
  • in xPosed Framework, uninstall framework in settings
  • reboot
  • apply OTA
  • reboot
  • hopefully success
FAIL – only reboots to recovery, no longer boots to system

Either (download and flash)
adb push /sdcard/
  • flash zip using recovery
OR (manually fix using adb)
  • while the phone is on an running, push the recovery file to the phone
adb push /sdcard/
  • start adb shell
adb shell
  • obtain root
  • remove old recovery by zeroing out the space
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/fota
  • flash the new recovery onto the device
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/misc bs=256 count=1 conv=notrunc
  • reboot the device
adb reboot
SUCCESS! – OTA complete and can boot back to system
!!!!! Don’t forget to re-install xPosed Framework !!!!!

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