RPi Setup

Expand the file system, enable SSH, change the username and password

sudo raspi-config

Upgrade the OS

sudo apt-get update

Install tmux

instructions here

START tmux

Upgrade the OS

sudo apt-get dist-update

Upgrade any installed binaries

sudo apt-get upgrade

Cleanup after the upgrade

sudo apt-get auto remove
sudo apt-get clean

Download and install dot files

git clone https://github.com/laughingMan/dotfiles.git

Install vim

sudo apt-get install vim

Install fail2ban

instructions here

Setup logrotate

instructions here

Setup MOTD

instructions here

Update hosts file

sudo vim /etc/hosts

Set a static IP address

instructions here

Setup WIFI

instructions here

Setup SSH keys

instructions here

Setup hostname

instructions here
sudo echo 'computer_name' >/etc/hostname

Install PiHole

instructions here

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